Following the GNU Emacs 29.3 release, my MSI installer for GNU Emacs has been updated!

This time there is no 32-bit version of it as no 32-bit executables were provided by the maintainers.

Although this release of Emacs contains a Windows installer, I decided to release my installer as well, because MSI installers might be more convenient in some cases.

You can find all the sources on GitHub as well as the pre-built installers for the latest release of GNU Emacs. The provided installers bundle official, unmodified GNU Emacs binaries for Windows.

If you used an older version of the installer you should be able to perform an in-place upgrade.

I have also uploaded installers for 29.2 because I have completely missed that release.


I decided to reuse screenshots from a previous release because the installer's code was not modified since then, so the screenshots will look the same (except the version number, obviously).